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    Chimneys and exhaust systems in high-quality

    Jeremias is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chimney systems, offering high-quality and innovative solutions in all areas of heat and energy production from residential building construction to the industrial sector!

    25 years warranty!

    Stainless steel chimneys, stove pipes and chimney accessories- The world of Jeremias flue system GmbH

    Since more than 40 years the manufacturer Jeremias GmbH stands for excellent quality in the area of exhaust systems. We keep house always with an eye on the future which helped us to get to the top of this industry sector during the last years. Since the beginning we had the claim to reach the highest quality, reliability and environmental consciousness, which played a significant role in our actions.


    The portfolio has steadily been enlarged. Today added to stainless steel chimneys (element construction) we have a lot more products in the offer of Jeremias GmbH. Beginning at the innovative light weighted chimney in F90 and the modern concentric stainless steel chimney of our TWIN-series up to chimney head plates and chimney extensions, our assortment is much valued by wholesalers, fabricators and end customers.

    Stainless steel chimney - the modern chimney

    The bricked chimney is causing to its condition less flexible. It is not possible to change the position of it after the construction. Thereby also the connection points are fixed. This leads to the fact that there is a limited choice of positioning a new stove chimney or fireplace with the exhaust system.
    In such cases the stainless steel chimney has established itself as a flexible and subsequent installable chimney system. Here the double walled stainless steel chimney of Jeremias GmbH in particular degree. Through the usage of high quality material and the latest production methods, chimney systems in premium quality are fabricated. The stainless steel chimneys of the series DW-ECO, DW-FU and DW-VISION rank among the most sold chimneys in Germany.


    An additional case of usage of a stainless steel chimney is the restoration of house chimneys. Bricked chimneys can be sooted because of a long time usage or can be unusable in another way. These chimneys can be restored with a single walled stainless steel chimney. You just have to construct the stainless steel chimney into the existing bricked chimney to protect the chimney for many more years.

    Light weighted chimney F90- The indoor chimney

    The light weighted chimney makes the assortment of house flue system well rounded. These specific fire-proved F90 ducts are constructed inside the building. The little weight and easy to handle size of the construction kit, makes the construction way easier. The light weighted chimney FURADO-F of Jeremias is a cheap and save alternative to a bricked chimney and a stone chimney. In combination with a lead of exhaust in a double walled stainless steel pipes over the roof, there are no borders of possible applications.

    Stove pipes, chimney cover plates, flue system sound absorbers– Jeremias provides the best possible care to you.

    Beside the stainless steel chimneys and the light weighted chimney constructions Jeremias GmbH offers a large assortment all about the topic exhaust technique. Our offer reaches everything from different conductor systems like the stove pipe FERRO-LUX up to sound absorbers for private and professional applications.

    The stove pipe getting painted with a special senotherm coating and factory made deseamed. This leads to the advantage that there won’t be any odor nuisance at the first time of use.  We offer a large spectrum of inner diameter, so that you can connect any type of wood stove. The stove pipe- Assortment includes about 100 components. Thereby you can consider any individual connection situation and the expenditure of construction low.

    Chimney head plates are made of high quality stainless steel and protect the head of the chimney of bricked chimneys. Jeremias GmbH offers lots of different types in such a case. The same with every type is, that we factorize the way our customer wants it, which gives us the opportunity to guarantee the perfect fitting and protection. As usual in Jeremais, we only use non-corroding material, as well for these components. In connection to a high quality factorization this leads to a long lasting product.