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    FSA system

    FSA, is a classic  free standing  steel  double wall chimney. Structural  heights of more than  80 m and temperatures up to more than 1000 ° C can be achieved without difficulty by the multi-shell structure.

    The outer pipe provides support. FSA provides universal solution regardless of temperature or height.


    The advantages of this system are: 

    • Separation of temperature and corrosion bearing inner pipe from the static supporting outer pipe.
    • No  building  connection  required up to 100 meters. Large heights  possible  because of  the external supporting pipe.
    • Useful in standard and special fire places, CHPs, Emergency power unit, etc.



    • Engines/combined heat and power plants
    • Gas/oil boilers
    • Biomass
    • Chemical exhaust air
    • Gas turbine
    • Steel production

    25 years warranty!