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    Decorative fireplaces

    We offer you the ideal flue system for any application.

    Romantic at just a push of the button- just enjoy it!


    Gas chimneys are becoming popular. Just at the push of a button via smartphone or tablet, you have the atmosphere of a wood stove. Beside the optical effect you also have the heating effect.


    Jeremias offers for gas chimneys the innovative, concentric stainless steel flue system TWIN-G. The concentric flue pipe system made out of stainless steel is suitable for fireplaces which are room air independent, can be used until 600°C and low pressure. A special seal in the outer pipe prevents the intake of external air from the installation room, especially in longer and horizontal connection pipe.


    Concentric flue system for decorative gas chimneys

    Concentric stainless steel chimney for decorative gas chimneys for room air independent mode of operation.

    25 years warranty!