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    Collective chimneys

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    Collective chimneys

    Collective systems for appartment buildings

    SVC / EW 3CEp

    Collective modular single wall chimney for chimney relining in apartment buildings

    SED / TWIN 3CEp / CLV

    Collective, modular, concentric, double wall chimney for apartment buildings

    SEE / DW 3CEp

    Collective, modular, double wall and insulated chimneys for apartment buildings


    Collective, concentrical, triple wall insulated chimney

    Collective modular concentric triple wall chimney for the smoke and gas exhaust of combustion products

    Main advantages Jeremias collective flue systems:

    • CE certification
    • Easy way to construct because of a perfect fitting plug-in system
    • There is no need of welding on the site
    • Intermediate and stiff insulation made of rock wool with a high density (SEE / DW 3CEp and SET)
    • Stainless steel: gas-shielded arc welded using TIG inert gas and passive straight seams for best corrosion resistance
    • In case of overpressure systems, the use of high quality sealing material for a long service life

    25 years warranty!