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    Coffee Roasters

    Chimney systems especially designed for Coffee Roasters.

    Coffee Roasters

    When it comes to coffee there might be many different opinions about brewing it but when it comes to roast it; Jeremias provides the right exhaust!


    For the standard roasters an standard twin wall insulated system with T600 certification can be used, but some of these appliances operates with pyrolysis function at really high temperatures during a certain period of time. In those cases there is no standard stainless-steel alloy that holds such temperature express with the time so Jeremias has created a specific system the DW ROASTER using an inner liner in high temperature resistant AISI 309 stainless steel of 1mm thickness and double layer of insulation; 25mm ceramic fibre and 32,5mm rigid rockwool.


    The Jeremias DW ROASTER is strong, robust and unique and can be also used for incinerators and industrial melting ovens that operates at more than 600°C


    Insulated, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system with flanged joint

    Twin-wall, pressure-tight, modular chimney system made of stainless steel with an inner pipe joint made by a flanged socket covered by a V-band mechanism.

    25 years warranty!