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    The Jeremias  Group offers  a wide range  of robust  silencers for the  industrial sector. We manufacture and deliver  silencers  from  nominal  diameter 400 mm onwards  to  our customers all  over the world. Jeremias produces different types of silencers e.g. absorption silencers, resonance silencers, combined silencers  consisting  of resonance  and  absorption  chambers,  noise  insulating  cores  etc. Producing customized silencers as per the needs of customers is no issue for us.


    Depending on the application and the space available we offer silencers in different shapes e.g. Angular, T-shape, split  etc. The  silencer type  is selected  depending on  the source of the noise and attenuation requirements. The source of noise could oil and gas boilers, fans, wood-burning systems, ventilation systems or gas turbines.


    Our silencers are suitable for wet and dry operation and incorporate high-quality materials that provide effective,  long-term  noise  attenuation. A  dedicated  silencer test  facility  underlines our  outstanding quality standards.

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