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    Concentric flue systems

    High quality exhaust systems made of stainless steel or plastic (polypropylene) for modern fireplaces using the gap between the outer and inner pipes for the air supply for the flue operation


    Concentric flue system

    Stainless steel or plastic (PP) Flue systems for room independent usage


    Concentric flue system for oil/gas fireplaces

    Concentric, pressure tight stainless steel chimney for oil/gas fireplaces for room air independent mode of operation.


    Concentric flue system for decorative gas chimneys

    Concentric stainless steel chimney for decorative gas chimneys for room air independent mode of operation.


    Pressurized concentric connection pipe

    Concentric, pressure-tight connection exhaust system with plastic inner wall and electrolytically galvanised outer pipe for fireplaces in room air independent mode of operation


    Pressurized concentric flue system

    Concentric, pressurised flue system with plastic inner pipe and stainless steel outer pipe for fireplaces in room air independent mode of operation


    Concentric modular watertight fireplace stoves pellets

    Double wall, concentric stainless steel chimney system to extract smoke and gases of combustion and air intake.


    triple modular wall chimney stoves, watertight

    Metallic modular triple wall chimney to exhaust smoke and gas of combustion products with a stainless steel inner and outer wall (316/304) and a galvanized wall in between

    All our concentric flue systems are characterized by:

    • CE mark
    • Easy installation with perfectly coordinated elements and connections
    • Stainless steel: inert gas welded using TIG and passive longitudinal seams for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Polypropylene: heated tool  butt welded welding seam according to (DVS 2207TM)
    • Condensate- and gas proof
    • In case of overpressure systems, the use of high quality sealing material for a long service life

    25 years warranty!