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    Professional software for the exhaust system design

    Easy Calc 6.1 is the new Jeremias software for chimney sizing. With this online application you can make a quick and easy calculation of your installation.

    The software allows you to choose among all the Jeremias chimney systems, choose your appliance characteristics, and make a quick chimney calculation. A small report is generated so you can include it in your projects.

    This Version EasyCalc 6.1 includes four different sizing possibilities:

    • -Stoves
    • -Boilers
    • -Gen-Sets
    • -Multiple Header Connections (cascade)
    • -Communal Flue Systems (CFS) 


    Besides you can save your projects in your own data base, allowing you to work on different projects or modify old ones.

    The calculations are based on the European chimney sizing standards EN 13384-1 and 13384-2.

    Register, Log in by clicking the following link and access to Easy Calc 6.1.

    25 years warranty!