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    Commercial Kitchen Extract

    We offer you the best flue solution for any application.

    Grease duct systems for commercial kitchen cooking areas

    For these kind of installations the highest risk of fire  is  the grease that settles inside the ducts. This is why in some projects there is the demand that the system must be fire rated for at least 30 minutes,


    In addition to that there must be also inspection elements in all horizontal runs and in changes of direction bigger than 30°, to allow cleaning and maintenance of the system.


    The other big point for kitchen exhaust ducts is the tightness warranty. The main focus of these kind of installations is to avoid any undesirable kitchen odour. Our SV-EI30 system has total warranties of tightness as it uses the same kind of connection used in chimney systems, which have 20 times less leakage rate limit than ventilation ducts.

    Jeremias kitchen extract SV-EI30 system, a twin wall insulated exhaust system successfully tested to obtain the fire rating classification of EI30 according to EN 13501-3 for ventilation ducts.


    New regulations all around the world are giving high importance to the fire rating in all kind of construction materials. particularly on materials that go through the complete building such as ventilation ducts, which have been in the past a cause of several fires in buildings emanating from kitchens.


    Suitable systems for this application are:


    Insulated, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system with flanged joint

    Twin-wall, pressure-tight, modular chimney system made of stainless steel with an inner pipe joint made by a flanged socket covered by a V-band mechanism.


    Flue system EI 30-fire resistant


    Metallic modular pipe with fire resistance  EI30 for double wall isolated air extraction made of stainless steel.


    25 years warranty!