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    Pizza Oven Chimney

    Chimney systems especially designed for Pizza Ovens.

    Pizza Oven Chimneys

    The real taste of a pizza baked in a wood burning oven is incredible, and Jeremias chimney systems help!


    The most important for this application is right draft regulation, Jeremias takes care of the design of this specific flue systems for wood burning pizza ovens and includes the necessary component for draft regulation.


    Besides the constant draft the access to clean the inner of the chimney is also crucial to allow the right maintenance of the system. access panels are used for cleaning between offsets and in horizontal runs. Fans and adapters can be added as needed.  Jeremias Wood Burning Pizza Oven Chimney systems include connection to flue outlet, adjustable or field cut-able lengths, supports, guides, roof thimbles, and terminations.


    Double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    Reasonable alternative to classic DWFU system : double wall stainless steel chimney for all low pressure standard fireplaces. Works in both dry or moist conditions


    Metallic sealing double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The allrounder: pressure tight double-wall stainless steel chimney with conical sealing connection


    Insulated, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system with flanged joint

    Twin-wall, pressure-tight, modular chimney system made of stainless steel with an inner pipe joint made by a flanged socket covered by a V-band mechanism.

    25 years warranty!