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    Effective management of flue gas lines

    Dampers and Valves



    Flue gas dampers (butterfly valve) are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path, if the chimney is no longer in use. This prevents the cooling down of the heat generator and the installation room, which helps to save energy.


    Furthermore  in  the case of  cascade systems, you also  avoid  possible  inflow of flue  gases  from  other fireplaces  connected  to the  chimney  into the  installation  room and  cause a  certain amount of sound insulation (attenuation) in  the case of  multiple-use chimneys. We  offer  both manually closing dampers and automatically closing dampers with an electric servomotor, controlled by the boiler.




    To compensate the undesired pressure fluctuations in the connection pipe we offer different relief valves. In case  of implosion  we recommend the use of Joukowsky implosion relief valve. For explosion we offer the pressure relief valve.


    Stainless  steel or black  steel  flue gas  dampers made  by Jeremias  are  used in combined heat and power plants, emergency power systems, exhaust air technologies and in over pressure operation engines.

    Motorised Dampers

    Motorised flue dampers

    Joukowsky Relief Valve

    Implosion relief valve to compensate unwanted pressure fluctuations


      • Effective saving of energy
      • Prevents the process of cooling down of heat producers
      • Improvement of the effectiveness of the fireplaces with a chimney in multiple usage
      • Sound insulation when multiple fireplaces are connected with one chimney    
      • Durability through stainless steel components
      • Suitable flue gas dampers for different applications and situations

        25 years warranty!