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    Technical Sizing

    Everything begins with a professional technical design and a correct sizing of the flue installation.The appropriate size of the chimney, flue or exhaust should be selected, based on the knowledge of the appliance / generator and fuel to be used, the layout of the chimney, flue or exhaust (i.e.: internal and / or external number of elbows, bends, silencers) and any other special requirements of the appliance or locality and exposure of the site where the installation is to take place.We strongly recommend that Jeremias size the chimney / exhaust on our computerized sizing programs to determine the correct size of the chimney, flue or exhaust.If there is any doubt over correct chimney, flue or exhaust selection, the manufacturers of the appliance must be consulted.The appropriate codes of practice and the manufacturer’s recommendation covering chimney and flue selection and installation should be used: EN 13384-1, or 2.If there is a variance of the view with regard to correct sizing, the Jeremias recommendation is binding on the warranty. It may be necessary to obtain a waiver from local authorities, which will not permit the installation of chimneys in certain applications such as quality of air etc.


    EASYCALC 3.0 Jeremias has also created an on-line chimney sizing program that is available after registration in the restricted area of our website.

    The EASYCALC 3.0 sizing program is made in accordance with the EN-13384-1 and -2 and includes a database with the main types of boilers.'The sizing is made in minutes and provides a report including the most relevant values for the system. It is irrelevant the role you are playing in our industry if you are a Specifier, technical engineer, HVAC designer or installation company, get registered and try it out!

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