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    Ventilation systems

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    Ventilation system

    Ventilation system mechanically controllable


    Collective even ventillation-chimney

    Collective modular single wall even chimney with a laser weld seam for the ventillation of bathrooms and domestic kitchens

    Main advantages Jeremias ventilation pipes:

    • Only conical system out of two compenents (TE and adjustable modul) with a length until 3,220mm for collective installations to bridge the gap between different floors.
    • Easy to construct
    • There is no need of clamp fittings
    • Guarantee of a sealed  construction until 2,000 Pa
    • Even pipe with just a minimum of roughness to minimize the pressure loss
    • There is no need of cutting the components
    • Continous TIG welding and laser-cutting
    • Easy to transport and handle
    • Conical plug-in system
    • Channeled and non-channeled version

    25 years warranty!