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    Functionality and design perfectly combined!

    Ventilation towers

    The ventilation towers from Jeremias  combine  high functionality and elegant design in an impressive way. Our ventilation towers have a big influence in the building planning, because of individual refined surface and an elegant design.

    Already  during  the  planning  we  pay  special  attention to  the  wishes of our clients, because the FSC system is an individually planned structure work, which is going to be an eye catcher as soon as it stands at your facades of buildings, in the courtyard or on industrial roofs.

    No matter if it is a air supply tower with a lamella hood in different shapes or a exhaust air tower, we at Jeremias, plan professionally  according to  the project and  take into consideration flow resistance and noises.

    Thanks to our 30 years experience in the production of stainless steel of any thickness, we can guarantee our clients the best quality.

    25 years warranty!