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    We offer you the ideal flue system for any apploication.

    Securing future through sustainability

    The fossil energy sources when burned release carbon accumulated over millions of years. When burned the biomass discharges only the green house gases that the plants had previously taken in during growth. 


    That is why biomass, available sufficiently and in any form, solid, fluid or gaseous, is an environmentally friendly combustible material. Biomass can be used for the production of energy in the form of heat, cold, electricity as well as for extraction of  fuel (biodiesel, vegetable oils).


    All of our flue systems made of stainless steel and ceramic can generally be used for biomass fireplaces as they are resistant to soot, corrosion proof and are classified with the verification class V2 and/or V3. Moreover with DW MAMMUT and EW/DW SILVER flue systems we offer according to W3G standards,  that allows wet operations, soot reistance (G) and corrosion class 3. 


    Acid resistant stainless steel flue system

    Single wall acid resistant stainless steel chimney for reduced cross-sectional area of chimneys for the adaptation to modern fireplaces (oil/gas/chip/split logs and wood pellets according to DIN 51731, for dry and moist mode of operation.


    Stainless steel acid resistant double wall flue system

    Double wall acid-resistant stainless steel chimney to connect fireplaces for fuel types : oil, gas, wood chips, split logs and wood pellets according to DIN 51731, for dry and moist usage


    Acid resistant double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    Double-wall stainless steel chminey with acid-resistant ceramic inner pipe, ideal for solid fuel in a wet operation mode

    25 years warranty!