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    CE certification

    In recent years  a lot has happened in the field of CE certification. Since 07/01/2013 applies the Product construction regulation (BauPVo, Act EU 305/2011) only, and is thus regarded as a European Act in all Member States.  This dissolves the since 1989 existing Construction Products Directive (CPD 89/106 / EEC) . Objectives of BauPVo is the marketing of construction products, free movement of goods and dismantling of technical barriers to trade in the EU economic area. The BauPVo  particularly differs from the existing CPD in the declaration of performance, the CE marking and the assessment and verification of constancy of performance. With the BauPVo also changes the meaning of the CE marking. Thus, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the performance specified in the declaration of performance and compliance with all relevant European legislation.


    When converting to the BauPVo (Product construction regulation) following three key points should be noted:

    • 1. Creation of a declaration of performance for the construction product
    • 2. Attaching the CE marking under the new conditions
    • 3. Assessment and verification of constancy


    This had specially for Jeremiah and the people responsible for CE Certification far-reaching consequences. Hence all applicable CE declarations of conformity had to be converted in the declaration of performance and for the more than 100 exhaust systems. Due to the variety of systems we are unique in Europe and we always go ahead to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers. Because of the Change in legislation arosed also many unanswered questions. Many of our customers didn't know about this "new" Regulation and we therefore had to conduct intensive education so that our customers, end users and the chimney sweeps could assess the facts positively. The company Jeremias is  thrilled to offer customized solutions and a professional support.


    Jeremiah as one of the leading manufacturers of chimneys and exhaust systems with DoP - Declaration of Performance undertakes the responsibility of  conformity of the built product and the declared performance.

    The main duties and responsibilities of the manufacturer are:

    • 1. Creation of a declaration of performance and attaching a CE mark
    • 2. No contradictory information about the built product
    • 3. 10-year retention requirement of documents
    • 4. traceability of the construction of product
    • 5. Recall incase of non-compliance with promised performance
    • 6. Obligation to give information to the Authority

    25 years warranty!